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Meet Danjuma "Dan Dan" Quarless

Whitworth Cadre Four
'10 Graduate (B.A. Bioinformatics & Computational Biology and Mathematics)

Bellarmine Preparatory School '06

It Runs In The Family

Raised in a family of five brothers with a father from Trinidad and a mother originally from Germany, Dan Dan said there was never a dull moment in the house. “It was always fun and something to do in the house,” Dan Dan said. “Being a middle brother, you always had someone to talk to with what you were going through.” Family involvement started at an early age; His father taught each of his sons how to play the steel drums, an instrument commonly played in Trinidad. In high school, Dan Dan played sports year long: football, wrestling and track.  His parents and brothers would often support each other, showing up to band performances and school related functions. Dan Dan is now involved in Whitworth’s football and track teams. Obe and Ja-Ja Quarless, brothers and fellow Act Six scholars, were also a three-sport athlete at Bellarmine Prep.

Brawns and Brains

Not only is Dan Dan athletically talented, but he is also capable in the academic field. He is part of the Codons Research team, a research project conducted by Dr. Kent Jones, professor for the Mathematics & Computer Science department and Dr. Finn Pond, professor of Biology. “The research project is a computer science experiment on creating computer visualization on nucleotide sequences,” Dan Dan said. “The education has been phenomenal thus far and I’ve grown to love the classes I’ve been in – it’s never been a chore or hassle to go to class.”

Wider Perspective

Act Six challenges scholars to think past ideas that are considered normal or conventional.

“[Act Six] has set me on a path that is different than most people, and with goals and end points where most people don’t think about in terms of what they’re trying to accomplish at Whitworth,” Dan Dan said. “They challenge us to be better people.” Dan Dan said he would be much more self-centered, thinking only what is best for himself and not the community. “It would be a me, me, me mentality without Whitworth,” Dan Dan said.

A Future With Intentions

Dan Dan would ultimately like to complete a doctorate’s related to science. But beyond getting a degree, Dan Dan said he would like to apply and experience the education and knowledge he learns. It’s beyond having goals, he said. “Learn to understand what your goals and desires are,” Dan Dan said.


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